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Anger Management Counselling Support

Anger management counselling support – the term anger management refers to therapeutic techniques and strategies that are designed to help people control and regulate their anger in a constructive way. Anger is a normal and natural human emotion, but when it becomes excessive or uncontrolled it can lead to negative consequence, for instance damaged relationships, problems at work, physical health problems or problems with the police. The idea of anger management is to help people express and manage their anxiety in a more constructive way.

Anger Management strategies might include:

  • Self-awareness– becoming aware of your personal anger triggers and the physical and emotional signs that you are becoming angry. Identifying your triggers means that you can prepare for situations that might make you angry and react in a different, calmer way, or avoid the situation completely.
  • Reframing – this is a strategy that involves changing the way you think about or interpret situations. For example, instead of taking it personally that someone has cut you up in their car, you could think about the other reasons they might have done it, they are lost and struggling to find their way, they made a simple mistake, they were distracted by the children in their car. The idea of reframing a situation or considering alternatives is to take the heat out of the situation, and ground you in the here and now.
  • Relaxation – learning and practicing relaxation techniques such as deep breathing, muscle relaxation and meditation can help calm you and allow you to make different choices about how you respond to situations.
  • Communication skills – developing and practicing your communication skills can help you express how you feel and what you need, as well as better understand the feelings of others. These skills should help you to develop better relationships where anger is less present.
  • Walk away – sometimes situations can be so difficult that you need to remove yourself from them and take a ‘time-out,’ give yourself time to cool down and collect your thoughts. Taking time out means that you can change a reaction into a response.
  • Be proactive – sometimes there are underlying issues that can cause your anger, addressing these and finding ways to resolve them can be beneficial. If you feel that you would benefit from speaking to someone consider making contact with Paul to have a discussion about how he can help and support you. Alternatively, you might want to consider an Anger Management course.

It is important to remember that anger is not a bad emotion to have, it can provide us with important information about how we feel about a person or situation. It is how we manage the anger and express it that matters. Sometimes practicing the techniques and strategies listed above can be beneficial and sometimes you need the extra support of a professional. Paul Carter is an Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) practitioner as well as a counsellor and psychotherapist. If you are looking for support, call Paul Carter now to book an appointment or to discuss your issues further. At the moment, Paul is working online and in person. To make an appointment please call Paul on 07843 813 537 or fill in the form on the Contact Page, if he doesn’t answer he is probably in a session, please leave him a message and he will call you back as soon as he can.

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