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Neurodivergent trans people in the therapy room – Training with Sam Hope

Neurodivergent trans people in the therapy room – Training with Sam Hope – Sam Hope has some training coming up in January 2024. Neurodivergent Trans people in the therapy room and Queer and Quirky: neurodivergence in LGBTQA+ people. To find out more about Sam’s courses please visit their website This course would be suitable for therapists and adjacent professionals. If you book onto the Queer and Quirky training course you will receive a discount code for 10% off this course.

Neurodivergent trans people in the therapy room

Date: Saturday 27 January 2024

Time: 1-4pm

Location: Online – via Zoom

Cost: Full Price: £55
Early Bird (Up to 6 weeks before the event): £45

Low Wage: £45
Groups of 3 or more: £45 per person

If you book onto Queer and Quirky: neurodivergence in LGBTQA+ people you will receive a Dicount Code for 10% off this course.

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Building on the content of “Queer and quirky” (but you don’t have to have done that workshop to join), this workshop focusses on trans people specifically, with an understanding of how this particular intersection of identity bears the brunt of undue scrutiny and undermining.

The workshop takes a depathologising stance to natural human diversity and asks what it means to radically accept people as who they are and support and advocate for their authentic expression and autonomy.

We look at the specific mental health burden of neurodivergent trans people and our professional roles as both therapeutic support and advocates for change.

Using case study material, we get the opportunity to explore cultural biases and unlearn approaches that are not well adapted to neurodivergent trans people.

This course is suited to therapists and adjacent professionals, including those who hold trans and/or neurodivergent identities themselves. The trainer is person-centred, but the content is valid for all modalities.

The training covers:

  • What the research tells us about barriers to empathy, and how we mitigate these
  • Accessibility and inclusion (in therapy, training and other contexts)
  • Risk factors and additional stressors present in this group
  • Co-occurring trauma and other mental health burdens
  • “Too complex” – ways to ensure we don’t exclude this client group
  • A closer look at where trans and neurodivergent stigma comes from
  • Barriers faced by autistic trans professionals and how to remove them

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