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Increase your hydration for better mental health – Quick Tips

Increase your hydration for better mental health – Quick Tips – part of Paul Carter’s Quick Tips series, we look at a variety of areas and consider three things that you can do to implement change straight away. Today we are looking at hydration.

Our brains are made up of 75% water so it is logical that if we are not drinking enough water, it will have an impact on our brain’s function and so how we feel. Studies have shown that people who drink more water are at lower risk of experiencing anxiety and depression than those who drank less water.

Below is a list of ideas that you can try to help you to increase your water intake. Everyone is different and so they might not all work, but it might be interesting to try them out and see which ones do work for you.

How much you should drink depends on your activity level and age. 

  • Have water to hand in a water bottle. Think about what sort of bottle is best for you, do you prefer to drink from a straw, do you need to make sure its none leak, (my favourite are Sigg Bottles, they are the only ones I have found that don’t leak)
  • If you are not keen on plain water consider adding fresh fruits to your water, or no added sugar juice squash, or add ice.
  • Consider swopping hot drinks such as coffee or tea to fruit teas or simply pain hot water.
  • Increase the amount of fruit and vegetables you eat. Fruits and vegetables with a high water content can increase your water intake.
  • Monitor your water intake with apps that can remind you to drink.
  • Act on feelings of thirst, don’t leave it.
  • Try to have a large glass of water first thing in the morning.
  • Think about where you leave your glass or water bottle. Is it best to keep it where you work to prompt you to drink or have a glass by the sink to prompt you when you go into the kitchen.
  • If you drink caffeinated drinks alternate them with decaffeinated drinks.
  • Drink at certain pre-decided points in the day, for example, when you are waiting for the kettle to boil drink a glass of water, after you have been to the toilet drink a glass of water, when you making a meal drink a glass of water.
  • Use a water bottle with measurements so that you can see how much water you have drunk throughout the day.

Try these tips and for a few weeks and notice whether you feel differently mentally and emotionally, whther you feel less anxious or depressed.

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