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I can support you with many areas including;

Abuse takes different forms. There is emotional abuse, mental abuse, physical abuse and sexual abuse. If you have been abused in the past, or more recently, you may find it helpful to talk to a counsellor. As a counsellor I can help you to come to a place of acceptance that the abuse is not your fault, and that the responsibility lies with your abuser. This can help you to move on with your life and feel free of the torment you have been enduring. I often use EMDR to help people who have been through abuse. You can read more about EMDR here.
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Anger Management
Some people struggle with their behaviour when they are feeling angry. Feeling angry is a normal response to something when a person feels hurt or attacked. It is what the person does as a response to their anger in order to determine whether or not they need the support of a counsellor in order to help them change their behaviour to something that is more acceptable. Counselling can help clients to change this behaviour and help then realise there are alternative ways of reacting to these situations.
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Anxiety is often caused by overthinking situations. Also people with anxiety are often thinking “what if” or “I should” these beliefs and behaviours cause people to feel anxious panicked and stressed and often need the support of counselling. As a counsellor I can provide a safe and confidential space where you can reflect and explore your difficulties.
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Grief and bereavement or a normal response to a loss. It might be the loss of a family member, relative or friend or it may be the loss of an item or a family pet. There is no given amount of Time that it takes for someone to feel that they are able to cope with the grief. Nor is there a particular way in which a person should grieve. However, counselling can help a person to talk about their loss and help them to come to a feeling of acceptance.
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When a person is depressed, often find it difficult to cope. You may feel you have no one to talk to or that what you want to talk about is too difficult to talk about to someone. Depression is caused in part by holding in thoughts and feelings and when a counsellor helps a person to express themselves along with exploring the options, then the person is often able to move on with their lives. Depression can cause a person to feel suicidal, exhausted, or that there is no way out. Finding the cause of these feelings will often be of great benefit.
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AIDS/HIV has been a huge taboo. People living with this have been discriminated against, experience unacceptable prejudice and intimidation. There are many myths about AIDS/HIV and as a counsellor I can help you, your loved ones, family and friends to work through the difficulties you endure.
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Low Self Confidence
Some people believe they are worthless or have been given the messages by others that they are worthless. This will lead to low self-esteem or a lack of confidence. In Counselling I provide a space for you to reflect on this and explore ways of building your confidence and feeling better in yourself and therefore undo the messages you have been given about yourself in the past.
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Personality Disorders
If you are living with a personality disorder, you may be struggling to cope. Personality disorders may cause you to self harm, isolate yourself, feel lonely, feel misunderstood by family members, friends, relatives or work colleagues. You may feel anxious or depressed. In Counselling I provide a safe environment for you to come and reflect on your situation and explore The possibilities of changing your current situation or the way that you feel.
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Relationship Issues & Couples Counselling
Some people struggle to form meaningful, close or intimate relationships with people. Others have difficulty maintaining meaningful relationships whether it be with the family, Friends, partners or people at work.In Counselling I provide a safe non-judgemental environment for you to reflect on your situation and explore ways in which you may be able to change the difficulties you are experiencing.

The biggest cause of difficulties in relationships, is communication. Couples often struggle and get into arguments because they are not communicating. Counselling can help couples to learn how to really listen To their partner, husband or wife and help them to really appreciate the way the other one is feeling. This will often prevent arguments or trying to score points offer each other when trying to hurt the other in an argument. Counselling will also help each of the clients to tell the other how they are feeling about what has happened and thus bring about better communication within the relationship. To find out more please look at my page on Couples Counselling.
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Sexuality is a very sensitive issue for many people. It can lead to a person feeling isolated or lonely often leading to feelings of low self-esteem or even suicidal thoughts and has many times lead to a person ending their life. I provide a safe and confidential environment in counselling for you to reflect and explore your sexuality and help you to come to a place of acceptance and feeling normal.
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Trauma & PTSD
Many of us will experience trauma in our lives. A Traumatic event might include:

  • Being in an accident
  • Being Physically assaulted
  • Being involved in war, either as part of the military or as a civilian
  • Being involved in a natural disaster
  • Being sexually assaulted or abused

These events might have happened to you, you might have witnessed them, or they may have happened to someone close to you. Whilst most people will recover from a traumatic event in time, for some it might develop into Post Traumatic Distress Disorder (PTSD), depression, anxiety, or substance abuse.

I often use EMDR to help people who have been through something traumatic. You can read more about EMDR here.
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“Healing cannot be pain free but we certainly should aim to minimise as much as possible the traumatising effects of the treatment itself” (Kepner,1996, p1).

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