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Protecting Children From Abuse ConverSafe Workbook 1

Protecting Children From Abuse ConverSafe Workbook 1 – What ‘Safe’ Means. Esha Johnson has recently released her first Children’s Therapeutic Activity Book. This book is for parents, carers, teachers, foster carers, social workers, counsellors, indeed any practitioner working with children. It is to be completed together with the child. I fully reccoment this workbook to anyone wanting to work with a child to protect them against abuse.

Keeping Children Safe from Abuse

It Contains 22 Fun activities that teach children how to keep themselves safe from abuse. One of our primary responsibilities as parents and carers is to keep our children safe from sexual abuse. One way of protecting them is to give them knowledge and tools that they can use to help keep themselves safe. The workbook also comes with a guidance booklet that will explain how to use the workbook and work with a child together to complete the activities. It will also give you useful hints and tips.

What does Workbook 1 Cover?

– What does ‘Safe’ Mean
– Understanding Boundaries
– Understanding Rules
– Understanding Consequences
– Review of what you have learned
– Completion Certificate

Meet some Characters

What does it cost?

– RRP £24.99 – Introductory Price for 1 month – £19.99
– First 50 orders will receive a free bookmark

Where can I buy the Workbook?

You can buy Workbook 1 – What does ‘Safe’ Mean from Esha’s Etsy Shop

Keeping Children Safe from Abuse

What is Conversafe?

These tools were developed by specialist sexual abuse counsellor, Esha Johnson, who has had both personal and professional experience of the emotional trauma that results from abuse. She designed ConveSafe to assist parents and carers to help them as they have those sometimes difficult, uncomfortable but necessary conversations about body boundaries, safe relationships and self-awareness.

Over a series ofworkbooks Conversafe aims to:
* Raise children’s awareness about how to keep their body safe by:
* Encouraging chilren to openly explore and talk about their feelings
* Help children to understand the importance of boundaries
* Give children a voice
*Develop children’s confidence
*Increase children’s self-esteem
*Help children understand they have rights and choices
*Help children it identify safe trusted adults who can offer them support when they need it
*Most importantly, Conversafe encourages quality fun time between parent/carer and child as they get to know more about each other

Will there be more Books?

Work Book 2 – Exploring Touch and Workbook 3 – Keeping Secrets will be available to buy in the next few months.

Meet the Author

Esha Johnson is the creator behind ConverSafe, she is a mum of three adult children and has been married for 40 years. She lives in Birmingham, UK, and is an accredited counsellor (BACP), working in private practice and the founder of Luminous Counselling. She has over 25 years’ of experience in working with children, young people and families, including 14 years as a Senior Sexual Abuse Counsellor for Barnardo’s. Esha’s exemplary creative qualities are in utilising a range of self-developed materials and workshops to educate children, young people, parents, carers and practitioners about safeguarding.

In addition to her private practice, she is an Associate Counsellor for Birmingham Counselling Services. Esha became a qualified coach in May 2019, and now uses this to advance her parent coaching practice.

Esha founded the Celebrating Youth Excellence Awards in 2009, an event dedicated to
recognising the outstanding achievements of people in the community across the West
Midlands, which was led by a team of volunteers between 18-25 years’ old; this ran for
seven years.

Esha is a published author, a creative poetry workshop facilitator, delivering sessions
designed to build confidence and help improve mental well-being. She is a professional
speaker at conferences and seminars, speaking on the impact of sexual abuse on children and young people. Esha previously ran a youth group which provided mentorship and a safe space for young people to express themselves. Esha is an advocate for parents with mental health issues and support families with school and community concerns. Esha has received several accolades for her work and contributions including being named the Voice Newspapers ‘Super Mum’ (2013).

Esha’s Website

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