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Couples Therapy

Paul Carter has a Certificate in Couples and Relationship Counselling and a Diploma in Counselling

happy-couples-counsellingCouples & Relationship Counselling
If you are experiencing difficulties with your husband, wife, partner, member of your family, a friend, or someone at work; then counselling can help you to explore and resolve your difficulties.

Difficulties in relationships are often caused by; someone having an affair, difficulties with communication, unreasonable behaviour, difficulty agreeing with each other, family difficulties, behavioural patterns, or other people interfering or causing difficulties in your relationship. This list is not exhaustive.

Counselling can help you to work out new patterns of behaviour, and different ways of communicating so that you can find a way forward. Alternatively, it may be that you decide that you want to end your relationship. Counselling can help you to decide what is best for you.


Paul Carter said the following about working with clients;
Many people come to counselling in order to find support in making difficult changes in their lives. Counselling can be liberating and challenging. As a counsellor I want to support you in making decisions and making changes that are difficult to face. Counselling is a serious commitment that should not be entered into lightly but can provide the solutions and support you have been seeking.

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