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About Paul

Paul Carter – Counsellor / Psychotherapist

Paul Carter

I have worked as a counsellor/psychotherapist since 2003. I work with short-term clients using EMDR for PTSD, trauma and abuse, or CBT and solution focused models for other issues. The aim here is to help clients to learn strategies and solutions for coping with their difficulties.

I also work with gestalt and the person centred models. These models are more relational working in the “here and now” of what is going on relationally between the client and myself. These models are more suited to longer term work to assist clients to find their way through the difficulties they are experiencing.

I also work with body, thoughts, feelings & emotions using Developmental Somatic Therapy. When I am working with clients, I often notice that people lack motivation, drive, ability to ask for support, ability to relax, or ability to let go. Alternatively, the reverse can also be true. Where these are over developed. I sometimes noticed this in people’s responses to situations or in the body. I often work with these in sessions in order to help alliance in their live

By working with these issues in sessions, it helps to support the work being done when someone has been abused, bullied, is depressed or anxious. This work often becomes an important part of what needs to be attended to and helps clients make meaning of and change their lives.

Working in an integrated way, means that I can use any of the above models to support me and the client in the work that needs to be done. Whether you need support with anger management, abuse, depression, anxiety, cultural issues, bullying, relationships or difficulties at work, counselling can help.

It is really important for you to find the right counsellor in order for you to build a trusting relationship in a safe and confidential environment. I therefore offer each client the opportunity to speak with me first in an initial phone call to ensure that I am the right person for you to work with on the difficulties you are experiencing.

Qualifications & Professional Body

BACP Accredited & BACP Registered Services

Counselling will give you a safe and confidential space in which to explore and resolve your difficulties. Paul Carter is BACP Accredited and BACP Registered and can provide you with support in safe and confidential environment.

Fully qualified support

When you choose to have therapy with Counselling & Support Services, you can do so with peace of mind. Paul Carter is highly qualified to support you and has a wide range of qualifications including;

– Completed training in Psychotherapy.
– Certificate in Couples and Relationship Counselling.
–  EMDR Practitioner Qualification
– Certificate in Developmental Somatic Psychotherapy.
– Certificate in Counselling Skills 2002
– Certificate in Counselling Studies 2003
– Diploma in Counselling 2005
– Post Graduate Certificate in Supervision 2007
– Additional workshops since qualifying as a counsellor to enhance his skills and understanding
– BACP Accreditation. This means he is accredited by BACP not only a member.
– Post Graduate Diploma in Gestalt Supervision

If you would like to contact Paul click here or call 07843813537. For more information about Fees and Current Availability please see the FAQs page.

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