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Cascade Sci Arts In Portal Immersive Arts Project

Cascade Sci Arts In Portal is a new project being developed by a colleague of mine, Wanjiku. Cascade Sci Arts collaborates with artists, scientists and experts through lived experience, to develop events that enhance mood and sense of wellbeing in a positive way.

Cascade Sci Arts Ambitions are

“to create non-medical and non-chemical resources that allow people to feel psychologically more at ease – right now, easily, enjoyably and effectively.”

Cascade Sci Arts mission is

“to research, produce and provide services, that are delightful, enjoyable, easily accessible and effective.”

Cascade Sci Arts Vision is

“is to actively develop arts-led Social Prescription interventions backed by sound evidence.”

Cascade Sci Arts objective is

“is to mobilise the power of art to enhance good mental health.”

Cascade Sci Arts aim is

“to connect private individuals and healthcare professionals with creative non-medical activities designed to help people confidently and enjoyably manage their health and wellbeing.”

Cascade Sci Arts In Portal

Cascade Sci Arts Current project is called In PORTAL it

“….builds on Wanjiku’s 2018 quantitative study that investigated claims by artists in the 1960’s that music and visuals associated with psychedelia could open a portal into altered states of consciousness.”

Wanjiku’s research findings were that the participant at these ‘happenings’ reported positive changes in mood and sense of wellbeing.”


What is In PORTAL?

  • In PORTAL is a 10 minute immersive arts-led, tech-mediated digital installation.

What does In PORTAL do?

  • In PORTAL is designed to stimulate (without any drug use) the effects of a ‘good trip’ after taking LSD in clinical trials.

How long is the In PORTAL

  • This immersive arts installation is 10 minutes long.

How can you get involved?

For a preview of In PORTAL please take a look at this video on Youtube

Cascade Sci Arts In Portal Visualisation MusicDemoV1 MICMIX 1

Cascade Sci Arts In Portal

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