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Parent’s Mental Health Day #PMHD

Parent’s Mental Health Day is happening for the first time this year on 27 January. Parent’s Mental Health day has been launched by a UK charity called Stem4.

stem4 is a charity that promotes positive mental health in teenagers and those who support them including their families and carers, education professionals, as well as school nurses and GPs through the provision of mental health education, resilience strategies and early intervention.

During the last two years and the pandemic we have been living through, the balance of our lives has shifted as work and school have moved into the home and we have all experienced all kinds of new disruptions and pressions

stem4’s Parent Mental Health Day (PMHD) encourages understanding and awareness of the importance of parents’ mental health and its impact on the whole family system. With this year’s theme being ‘balance’, the day aims to get parents and carers to take a moment to reflect on the balance they have in their lives and to take positive steps to make change.

You can download their Parent’s Mental Health Day Balance Pack here. It contains lots of ideas on how you can create a better balance in your life

Parents Mental Health Day1

This day is a good opportunity to reflect on how you might feel more balance in your life. These blogs from our website might help you with that reflection and why it is so important.

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