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Neurodivergence in LGBTQA+ People – Training with Sam Hope

Neurodivergence in LGBTQA+ People – Training with Sam Hope – Sam Hope has some training coming up in January 2024. Queer and Quirky: neurodivergence in LGBTQA+ people and Neurodivergent Trans people in the therapy room. To find out more about Sam’s courses please visit their website This course would be suitable for therapists and adjacent professionals.

To find out more about their first course Queer and Quirky: neurodivergence in LGBTQA+ people and how to book please read this blog.

Queer and Quirky: neurodivergence in LGBTQA+ people

Date: Saturday 20 January 2024

Time: 1-4pm

Location: Online – via Zoom

Cost: Full Price: £55
Early Bird (Up to 6 weeks before the event): £45

Low Wage: £45
Groups of 3 or more: £45 per person

If you book onto this course you will receive a Discount Code for 10% off the second course Neurodivergent trans people in the therapy room.

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The overlap between trans and autistic people is more commonly known about, however it is less widely discussed that there are a range of neurodiversity overlaps with the whole LGBTQA+ community.

This session explores the impacts of living at the intersections of neurodivergent and queer identities and gives delegates a framework for thinking about individuals and their experiences holistically rather than breaking them down into separate silos of identity, or looking for causation narratives.

With a focus on mental health impacts and minority stress, this session is particularly relevant to anyone working with LGBTQA+ people where mental health is a factor, such as therapists and support workers. However, the session will be useful and informative to anyone with an interest in the subject.

This course is suited to therapists and adjacent professionals, including those who hold LGBTQA+ and/or neurodivergent identities themselves. The trainer is person-centred, but the content is valid for all modalities.

The training covers:

  • Pathology or identity? The lens through which we view experiences
  • What we know and don’t yet know about this overlap
  • Hypermobility and other physical quirks: some co-occurring physical conditions
  • The misuse of autism diagnosis, past and present, to undermine LGBTQA+ identity
  • How neurodivergence might complicate LGBTQA+ experiences and vice versa
  • Diagnoses: benefits, barriers, and other ways of thinking about neurodivergence
  • Mental health, harm, trauma and minority stress risk factors

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