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National No Smoking Day – 9 March

National No Smoking Day is on 9 March. In the UK there are about 6.9 million adult smokers. Every year there are about 119, 776 deaths due to smoking. People smoke for many different reasons, for social reasons, to relieve stress or for pleasure. Nicotine is the addictive substance in tobacco and regular use of tobacco can lead to addiction. It is thought that nicotine is as addictive as heroine or cocaine.

National No Smoking Day

If you want to give up smoking the NHS Quit Smoking service offers some useful advice and support, they also have an app that you can download to help you. Please click on the link below to take a look at their website.

National No Smoking Day on 9 March is run by the British Heart Foundation and they have a useful leaflet that explains the risks and benefits of not smoking and gives you some ideas on how you can go about quitting

If you are struggling with smoking you might want to use 9 March as the launch pad for you quitting smoking. Below are three ideas that you can try to help you quit.

  1. Identify your motivation – write down all of the reasons that you want to stop smoking. Your health, your relationships, money, time, your tastebuds whatever reasons you have. When you write your list try to really think about how your life would be better if you stopped and write it down. For example, if you stopped smoking you would save money, how much money would you save? What could you do with it? How would it impact your life. Every day read through this list so you are always reminded of the positive impacts of this change.
  2. Start every Monday – quitting smoking can be difficult, for some people they may be able to just stop and never pick one up again. For others, they may relapse and end up smoking again. The key is to not get disheartened, quit smoking every Monday. On a Monday you decide to stop smoking and you go through the week with that intention. If you end up smoking at some point, don’t give up and carry on, quit again the next Monday, or the next day, you don’t need to wait till the next Monday, eventually it will stick and you stop smoking.
  3. Get support – as with any addiction, talking about your struggles and having support around you from family or friends can be very helpful. If that is not enough and you think that you need professional support with quitting or if you think there maybe other factors contributing to your smoking, such as stress, anxiety and depression, talk to a professional, perhaps someone like Paul.

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